The brand

Peppercorn designs clothes for women that know who they are and what they want from life. We want to inspire strong, experienced and independant women to enhance their personal sense of style and enjoy life and fashion to the fullest extent.

We wish to design clothes that make a woman feel comfortable in her own skin no matter her age, body type or lifestyle.


Peppercorn is all about you — all about feeling your best when you wake up in the morning and all throughout the day, no matter how busy and unpredictable that day may be.

We believe in taking time for yourself. Selfcare is an important part of modern womanhood. Through fashion we want to encourage you to self-indulge and carve out those special moments in your everyday life where "it’s simply all about you!".

We release six annual collections where we give you a nice balance of the latest trends and classic staple pieces.

We believe in trendy, yet timeless design for women who either have their personal sense of style pinned down or who want to be inspired and encouraged to try out new looks.

Peppercorn was established in 1995 and has since then dressed
women in trendy and comfortable clothes.

Today, the brand is owned by the company Redefined Fashion A/S
alongside five other fashion brands for women: Minus, DESIRES,
White & More, Friendtex and Once. The company is located in
Ikast, Denmark, and female power is one of the core values that
transcends all the companies' brands.