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Dresses with feminine silhouettes for every event and every season. We design dresses that highlight the trends in classic styles so your dress can have a long life in your wardrobe - It's all about you! 

The dress is a millennia-old classic – that we still reinvent
The dress is a piece of clothing with historical luggage – more than 5000 years of it. Traditional dresses exhibit anything from large, cumbersome dresses with many layers to delicate Egyptian silk dresses. A staple of the Peppercorn brand is our ability to reuse styles while giving them an exciting new touch. Our dresses come in a multitude of different expressions with focus on both comfort and style. One such example is the shirt dress, which is a must-have in your wardrobe!


Styling tips for your dress
Although the dress forms an outfit all by itself – making it incredibly easy for you to overcome the clothing crisis – there’s still a lot of styling options included. If you are going to a party, you can always make the dress extra festive! Get your high heels on, put on your most beautiful jewellery and combine it all with a gorgeous maxi dress. Conversely, you can always dress casual with a shirt dress and perhaps, sneakers. Another example of the versatility of dresses is its usefulness once the cold weather arrives. Embrace the layer-by-layer trend by adding jeans underneath the dress or a warm knit or cardigan over the dress. Find your new favourite among a wide variety of colours and styles!