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We all know the struggle: You are on your way out, but you don’t know how to put the cherry on top of your outfit. Maybe you don’t even know what to expect of the weather. The cardigan is your savior! Fitting perfectly in almost every outfit and being warm without being cumbersome – the cardigan is the perfect companion in your everyday activities! Don't forget to check out our general selection of tops and be inspired for your next outfit.

Cardigans are the perfect way to embrace the layering trend

It was once normal for women to wear many, impractical pieces of clothing in multiple layers.  Luckily, we’ve moved past this and now beauty can be as practical as it is stylish, however the layering trend is making a comeback and what better way to conform to this trend than with a women’s cardigan? The practical nature of the cardigan makes it a master of both convenience and comfort while remaining one of the easiest pieces of clothing to style. At Peppercorn we believe that it is every woman’s right to have plenty of time for the important things in life, that’s why our cardigans keep in touch with the old values. We believe in changing what we should while retaining what we can.

The long cardigan is perfect both inside and outside

Unsure of the weather where you are going? Maybe you’re afraid it might be cold in the evening hours? This is another case showing the brilliant mastery of the cardigan! A cardigan sweater is a very stylish way to enjoy as much time as possible outside, just slip it on whenever you’d like and instantaneously your outfit will have transformed. However don’t forget: The cardigan is also very useful inside! Weather you want to snuggle up on the couch or just keep the heat in on a cold day the cardigan is right there with you!

Knitted cardigans are one of the staples of material creativity in fashion

The perfect cardigan is one that promotes a sense of comfort and coziness the moment you put it on. We know this and that’s why we have a unique focus on different materials when designing our products at Peppercorn. We use high-grade, sustainable materials in many of our styles – including many cardigans – so you can buy, wear and love our clothes without concern. However, we also know that sustainability doesn’t need to be at the cost of comfort. Which is why our knitted cardigans and cotton cardigans have a uniquely comfortable feel – it’s love at first sight!

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