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Pretty tops are the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe

Fashionable tops & t-shirts can be used in almost all circumstances, which is why we have such a wide collection of different styles that fit perfectly in the wardrobe of the settled yet confident woman. This is a consequence of our company’s focus on fashion apparel for the mature woman, a focus that is clearly visible in all our collections. We leave space in our clothes’ design for you to move – providing both comfort and convenience without sacrificing a fashionable and beautiful look. This means that you can use our selection of shirts, blouses and so on in everything from going out with friends to staying in – when some “me time” is needed. To facilitate such a wide variety of uses, our selection features many different colours and patterns – from stripes to flower prints – without being too experimental. Consequently, one of the most important ways send the right impressions in public, is your own ability to dress yourself. Which is why we have the most important tips below.


The perfect blouse adds both character and personality

Gorgeous blouses are perfect for the woman who wants to embrace her own personality – showing off every part of herself. This is apparent through our women’s clothes lines that don’t shy away from your personality. An example of this is the great variety between our different styles, that range from having a single colour – that can show your own distinct features – to having intricate patterns like flower prints, that directly show the world who YOU are. This way you can remain true to yourself and your surroundings through your inherent love for fashion.


The right knitwear stays true to traditional values while redefining certain details

Cute knits and pullovers can embellish your personal style – giving you full control of your image! With a beautiful and warm knitted style, you can add the last touch to any outfit. All our products are designed by and for women – female power is one of the core values in our brand. Which is why our products highlight your femininity and inner youth through refined changes in certain details, like artistic patterns or even the shape of buttons and so on. However, this is never at the expense of the core DNA of our brand, which is making clothes that suit the settled woman who understands both herself and the world. That’s why our brand always resides well within the tried-and-true values of fashion.