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When is the cardigan season? The answer is whenever you’d like! At Peppercorn we have a wide selection of cardigans, sweaters and pullovers in comfortable, knitted qualities that can be used all year long, read more below! Don’t forget to check out our general selection tops to be inspired. We know that life can be busy sometimes, which is why we’ve made shopping easy for you! Subscribe to our newsletter through the link at the bottom of the page and keep up to date on all our new styles with inspirational outfits and handpicked selections, you get 20% off your first purchase after signing up, see you there!

Pullovers and beautiful knits are perfect for an at-home lazy day!

Our selection of knitted sweaters can instantly make any outfit radiate warmth and emotion, creating an atmosphere filled with coziness and relaxation. What better way to spend your me-time than kicking back with a hot cup of coffee or tea in your favorite Peppercorn pullover sweater. Our warm sweaters are perfect for relaxing, however that’s not the only occasion for knitwear, they can be just as useful if not more when going out.

Throw on a cardigan and embrace layering with style

An open cardigan with buttons is perfect in transitional weather when you’re not quite sure how cold it’ll be in the evening. While being one of the most practical pieces of clothing in any woman’s wardrobe they simultaneously have a unique ability to add style and variation to any outfit. This makes knitwear from Peppercorn a prime example of how to embrace the layering trend, it’s one of the easiest pieces of clothing to quickly put on before going out. This way you can prolong the beautiful and enjoyable summer nights in style! However, when the ground turns white, and winter comes you might find yourself looking for heavier fabrics and more enclosure than a cardigan can bring.

Prepare for winter in elegant style with a turtleneck

A turtleneck is perfect for the coldest of days when you need something heavy to keep warm. Here the fashionable, chic nature of the turtleneck keeps you elegantly stylish while being prepared for any eventuality. An equally fashionable way to keep warm is with the roll neck, which is perfect for blustery weekend walks with a loved one or with your girlfriends.

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