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No matter where you’re going, a midi dress will almost always be the perfect choice. The long styles give both complexity and style to your look, without being overly formal. That’s why its one of the best types to solve the clothing crisis, you only need to grab your favourite Peppercorn dress from your wardrobe and you’re ready! Still missing some inspiration for your outfit? Then sign up for our newsletter and get weekly updates with tips and professionally styled outfits. All you need to do is click the link at the bottom of the page. If that wasn’t enough, then take a look through all our dresses.

Elegant Midi dresses

Midi dresses include some of the best dresses for any get together. Their medium length make them perfect for any occasion – no matter if its being with friends or family outdoors or a formal party indoors. The beautiful thing with this style is how easy it is to dress them up or down, depending on what you combine them with. If you for example need some cute midi dresses for a party, then we have plenty of stunning examples from Peppercorn that you could combine with everything from some boots and a leather bag for a casual party-look to some sandals and a handbag for a relaxed outdoor-look.

Colour combinations are very important when choosing elegant party dresses

At Peppercorn we have a wide collection of midi dresses that have a special versatility that can provide a unique look to any outfit. If you for example need a long gala dress but you don’t want to wear the same formal dresses as everyone else, then the shorter midi dresses from Peppercorn are a perfect choice! We always try to hit a unique look with our styles that can be combined with a wide range of things. That’s why they are perfect for the woman who knows exactly how she wants to dress.

Peppercorn – High-quality dresses from Danish designers

At Peppercorn we always try to adhere to the highest standard when designing our clothes. That’s why we spend a lot of time choice our ecological and sustainable materials. Consequently, you will find dresses that are made from up to 100% EcoVero Viscose or dresses in PU leather which is better for the animals. If you’re missing a new year’s dress for example and you think about the environment, then we have a perfect match here on the page! The best you can do for the environment is to choose a versatile style from Peppercorn that you can use repeatedly – that’s also made from sustainable clothes.

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At Peppercorn we always have a wide selection of dresses, but one of our favourites is the versatile midi dress, which you can find here. If you, like us, love to scroll – looking at everything from t-shirts to party dresses online – then our newsletter is perfect for you! Submit through the link in the bottom of the page, see you there!