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The blouse is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe. A pullover blouse is ideal in the cold evening hours and a regular shirt blouse is perfect for any casual occasion. We guarantee that you will be inspired when looking through or collection of blouses and shirts or our edit of tops. If you see something you like; don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter through the link at the bottom of the page. See you there!

Blouses are perfect for the relaxed weekend look

Want to enjoy a quiet weekend, either at home or with your friends or family? Then the blouse will be with you the whole way. At Peppercorn we focus on designing clothes for the woman who enjoys her own sense of fashion, filled with self-confidence. One of the most popular ways to show off your own personality in a comfortable way is with a relaxed fit blouse. With a bit of space around the arms you’ll be able to move as much as you need, where- and whenever you need.

However, a comfortable fit shouldn’t have to be at the cost of a great look. That’s why our collection of blouses has a wide variety of different color combinations and fun patterns. This makes for a perfect way to show your true colors through your outfits!

Blouses can be perfect for a throw on and go kind of outfit

Sometimes you just need something to solve the clothing crisis immediately. Well, the blouse is your savior! Blouses might be the most varied piece of clothing out there and the shear amount of variety makes sure that you can have something that fits with every vibe in your wardrobe. A monochromatic blouse is perfect for a laid-back look and in combination with some jeans it even permits a cool, almost street look. However, if you’re going for a happy look a blouse with flowered print or stipes might be just for you!

The ease and convenience associated with blouses is perfect for the busy woman who wants to make time for both the people around her and herself. The blouse can be thrown on in any outfit and allows you to focus on the important things in life.

Why not dress up a bit, for a day of at-home relaxation with a cute blouse or top?

Blouses are perfect for a casual almost effortless look while still radiating both female power and style! You can easily relax at home with a comfortable and relax-fit blouse while retaining your style – you can always dress up, even if it’s only for yourself.

Women’s shirts are the perfect, chic addition to your outfit

We all know the traditional shirt: A white or light blue top with a drab, old collar and some buttons. That’s boring, we need something new! Our selection of Women’s shirts focusses on the newest trends while adhering to traditional values and looks, so you get the perfect mix! Choose from a wide variety of professional shirts for women from Peppercorn. If you like what you see in our collections, then you’ll love our newsletter. We regularly send updates on the current trends and give professional advice on fashionable outfits. Submit your e-mail through the link at the bottom of the page! If you still haven’t quenched your thirst for fashion inspiration; then don’t forget to check out our other collections, like for example our tops.

The world’s fashion trends are always changing, but there’s one thing that remains true: the trends repeat, meaning some pieces of clothing have a uniquely timeless appeal. And what piece of women’s apparel embodies this more than the shirt? Shirts are in when it comes to professional, chic attire and have been in for years on end. The delicate variation in color, pattern and style means that they stay new and varied while keeping the tried-and-true values at their core – which are best characterized by one word: professionalism. Our shirts at Peppercorn are sure to spice up your wardrobe by adding a touch of fashionable chic clothing, so you can retain an effortless and comfortable look.

Upgrade your wardrobe with the most professional top there is: The women’s shirt

When choosing your top for the outfit of the day, a shirt is the perfect way to go for making a power play through formal, yet beautiful clothing. At Peppercorn we realize that trendy clothing is important, but this should never have to be at the cost of a great look. For example, pairing the shirt with a pencil skirt, some beautiful footwear and a leather handbag gives your outfit a trendy and professional look, perfect for the career woman – no matter where she goes.

Shirts for women are very versatile and can be used in almost any outfit

Going to a summer get together? Pair a flower print shirt or colorful shirt with a maxi skirt and you’re on your way to a casual yet sharp look that’s perfect for a day with friends or family in the sun. Looking for inspiration on a cool, street look instead? The shirt is perfect for anything! Combine it with some jeans and you’ve got yourself the perfect contemporary look for a night out with your friends.

If you’re interested in what materials are perfect for a shirt, then we have some very good examples at Peppercorn. For example, a denim shirt in light or even dark blue can be a very stylish addition in your layered outfit or even just on its own. Moreover, a woman’s shirt from sustainable ecoVero viscose is beautiful in almost any outfit.

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Whether you’re going out with friends or family or staying in on a Sunday the shirt is perfect when dressing up to any occasion. So don’t forget to buy your next shirt from Peppercorn to spruce up that wardrobe in a professional yet comfortable manner. If you like our products, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter through the link at the bottom left of the page. See you there!