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If you’re a little down on inspiration on your next outfit and don’t know what to wear, you’ve come to the right place! Our wide variety of skirts & Shorts is almost guaranteed to inspire your next favorite outfit and at Peppercorn we know that fashion is all about how you put the look together. The current trends are always repeating, which means YOU get to create your own variation. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter through the link at the bottom of the page to receive your periodic shot of inspiration.

Feel the freedom of wearing fashionable skirts from Peppercorn

Peppercorn’s clothes are designed by women, for women. This means that we have your wishes at heart which gives us the opportunity to provide uniquely comfortable yet trendy clothing. The perfect style to describe with these values is the skirt! With an intrinsic and historically feminine appeal skirts transcend time to provide any outfit with a unique and beautiful touch. Skirts are known for their versatility, pairing perfectly with anything from a cool t-shirt to a chic shirt, however the maxi skirt is unrivalled in its cross seasonal use. Combining it with a loose blouse makes for an elegant summer outfit yet embracing layering and combining it with a t-shirt and a cardigan makes the perfect transitional outfit for autumn or spring.

Fashion is all about your confidence – what better way to boost it than with a skirt?

No matter the occasion, a skirt is perfect in almost any setting. If you’re going to a party, a long skirt or maxi skirt is the perfect choice and can be paired with everything, however a beautiful top works particularly well! But what if you need inspiration on a work outfit? Then Peppercorn is the right place, because we know that elegance and self-confidence is paramount and what better way to show these values than with a pencil skirt under a shirt. Lastly, the skirt is unrivalled in its casual nature which is perfect for going out with your friends or staying in and enjoying some me-time. Here the comfortability and convenience of skirts in all lengths is perfect!

Skirts display both femininity and charm

Skirts are one of the most well-defined pieces of women’s clothing, historically speaking. They have always represented feminine values and they continue doing so today, as a result of embodying everything from a comfortable and casual look to a professional and elegant look. This way you can use a skirt from Peppercorn at almost every occasion.

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At Peppercorn we strive to design beautiful clothes in sustainable qualities. Make sure you check out our updates by clicking the link at the bottom left of the page and signing up to our newsletter.