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Pants from Peppercorn are useful in any circumstance

Stylish pants are an integral part of the Peppercorn brand, as is our desire to make clothes that fit the everyday, mature woman – in any adventure she might go on. That’s why our pants focus on allowing the woman to live the life she wants, while looking great in the process. We achieve this by having a large amount of customizability throughout our collection of pants, so you can find the fit that suits you best, with the most comfortability. However, this should never come at the sacrifice of a great look, which is why our styles also have a wide variety of different patterns and colours. You can get anything from tried-and-true pants in a single colour, to more adventurous designs like checkered pants. Whatever you choose the quality and fit is chosen to boost your confidence the most – both through beauty and comfort.  

The popularity of jeans is well-earned – They fit in with every outfit

Versatile jeans are the backbone of every woman’s outfit. We believe that every woman should feel completely comfortable in their clothing – giving them the most self-confidence possible. A way to do this is with a new twist to an otherwise traditional style. One such example could be denim jeans, that have been invented and reinvented time and time again. At Peppercorn we keep up to date with the newest trends, bringing you new and interesting takes on the old classic. For example, we have numerous combinations from flare jeans to high waisted jeans that give new life to any outfit, while still providing a comfortable and well-known base.

Skirts provide can provide both delicate femininity and distinct comfort

Convenient skirts make it easy to boost your self-confidence. The perfect skirt is unrivalled in comfort level and thereby gives you the time and ability to focus on the real priorities in life. However, a comfortable and laidback look for the settled woman does not mean letting go of your sense of fashion. Consequently, the Peppercorn brand is synonymous with the confident woman’s ability to be honest with herself and her surroundings. That’s why we have a variety of different styles – allowing you to find the perfect one that suits your personality best.