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Whether you’re staying in on a Sunday or going out with the girls on a Friday, there is a pair of pants from Peppercorn that are perfect for you! We pride ourselves on maintaining a wide variety of pants – so you are ready for any occasion. Don't forget to check out our wide variety of pants & skirts. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter – through the link at the bottom of the page – to see what’s new 

Pants and jeans are one of the most popular pieces of clothing in the modern woman’s wardrobe

The way you style an outfit with jeans or pants says a lot about your personality. For this reason, it’s very important to choose the right pair of pants – luckily at Peppercorn we’ve made it easy for you to see something that inspires you and suits YOUR personality. For example, if you are missing the perfect pair of pants for relaxing at home, a comfortable set of relaxed fit jeans or maybe even some loose-fitting jogging pants are perfect! However, are you in the mood for spicing up the old wardrobe? Then a set of printed leggings are right there with you. With the sky as the limit, you can style printed jeans in an unorthodox yet fun and creative manner. However, at Peppercorn we know that beauty doesn’t need to be at the cost of comfort.

Mom jeans – high waisted jeans can be both comfortable and fashionable

Mom jeans – referring to a style of jeans with a high waistline – are perfect, contrary to the name, for women of all ages. The higher waistline highlights your strengths in a cool and fashionable way while having a comfortable fit. They fit perfectly with a cute blouse or top, this way your outfit as a whole contributes to your self-confidence and beauty. Additionally, you could lean into the comfortable look by going for looser fits with jogging pants.

Capri jeans are the perfect way to reinvent your outfits while keeping your style

Tired of wearing the same thing over and over? What better way of embellishing your style without changing the essence of what makes your style yours, than with cropped jeans or capri jeans. These types refer to jeans and pants of varying length and are the perfect choice for almost any occasion. This is because the general style of the pant is the same. This also makes them extremely easy to style as combining them with a cool t-shirt gives a raw yet tasteful appearance while styling them with a shirt makes for a professional, chic expression.

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