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At Peppercorn we pride ourselves in knowing our customers. Life can be busy but focusing on the right things in life is paramount! Therefore, we constantly try to optimize our clothes – to be more comfortable and simultaneously fashionable. We want to be honest, both with ourselves and with the world around us – and so should you. With our clothes you can showcase every strength with every weakness, in a stylish and self-confident manner. Don't forget to look through our general selection of all tops to find inspiration for what to pair with! 

Long tops showcase your casual, relaxed nature

Beauty, fashion, style – It’s all about the right attitude which is why our clothes focus on the essence of the woman within. We want you to feel at home in our clothes, so you can focus on the important things in life. This is perfectly embodied through our line of tops and t-shirts for women. Here the laid-back nature of some of the colors along with the anonymous complexion of the styles themselves, contribute to your sense of beauty and femininity while remaining suitable for a night out with your friends or family.

A Cute top adds both personality and feminine appeal in your outfit

How can you spice up your outfit, while remaining true to yourself? How do you remain contemporary while adhering to traditional values? The answer is with the right top or t-shirt! A top has a uniquely feminine appeal while being able to add a cool and personal touch to any outfit they’re used in. For example, a cute t-shirt for women with either text prints or patterns can easily be combined with your favorite cardigan or jacket to showcase your personal style.

Stay comfortable while dressing up with the perfect top

A top isn’t just a top. At Peppercorn we redefine the details while keeping the core values the same – staying true to the old styles while keeping up with modern trends. An example of this is the belted top, which is the perfect top for dressing up for parties while not being too fancy.  Another example is our tops with a twisted effect around the waist.

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