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Layering is a timeless trend that time and time again proves its multi-functional purpose – it’s simply the easiest way to dress for the weather while retaining a fashionable and trendy look. Jackets for women are one of the most popular ways to embrace this trend and with good reason! Experiment with different pieces of clothing from out collection of outerwear and you’ll be guaranteed unique and beautiful looks. If you’re short on inspiration or want to stay updated on the newest trends, then subscribe to our newsletter through the link at the bottom left of the page. We will update you weekly with professional advice on outfits and the newest trends.

Jackets for women are a must-have in the female wardrobe

If you’re going anywhere outside, then you must take the weather into consideration. This is easy to do with jackets from Peppercorn as our varied selection of outerwear makes it easy to find something that suits your personal style. Take the waistcoat as an example: A historically British term for a vest that has taken its foothold in the international fashion community. Our version of this traditional piece has a uniquely trendy appeal, which makes it easy to style with anything from a t-shirt and some jeans underneath to going for a summery look with a pair of shorts. Give your wardrobe some love by spicing up your outerwear!

Leather jackets are perfect for showing your cool side

Women’s jackets don’t have to be feminine and normal – take a walk on the wild side with a cool and chic leather shacket from Peppercorn. The shacket, also known as shirt jacket, is a practical and very trendy top that doubles as fashionable outerwear in an exciting way. Our cotton versions are perfect for the transitional period when the seasons are changing from spring to summer or back to autumn. Their laid-back, patterned look provides some beautiful yet casual variation to almost every outfit. At Peppercorn we have taken the shacket one step further in a street and cool way, by introducing a beautiful new material: faux leather. These leather shirt jackets will transform any outfit into both cool and forward-thinking attire.

Gilets and bomber jackets are the perfect way to stand out in the transitional period

What are bomber jackets? The bomber jacket has its roots in World War One where the rising popularity of bomber planes meant that the pilots needed warm, convenient clothing – especially since they were essentially riding the plane instead of being inside it. After some decades the jacket trickled down through punk subcultures until landing in high fashion today. At Peppercorn we took inspiration from bomber jackets when creating our biker jackets, which are perfect for a more anonymous look than the leather shackets. The bomber jackets are simultaneously cool like the leather jacket yet are increasingly used for casual attire, when the occasion calls.

If you find the bomber jacket a little warm or want to take a walk on a summer evening, then the gilet is perfect! Combine it with long-sleeved tops or blouses to keep warm in the evening or casually go through with the layering trend by doing any matchup you’d like – the vest works for everything.

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Outerwear is one of the most functional, and thereby important, pieces of clothing in any wardrobe. This means that it is essential that you choose the right one – and we’ve made it easy at Peppercorn! Just submit your e-mail through the link at the bottom left of the page and you’ll get 20% off your next purchase, but more importantly you can stay up to date with the latest trends and get professional advice on your next, favorite outfit. See you there!